az4norml-leaf AZ4NORML Monthly General Meeting

Saturday, October 13th, 2018 3PM – 4:20PM

Meeting Cancelled

  • Mission Statement: AZ4NORML works to educate the community about the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of responsible adult use, and the value of industrial hemp.
  • Chapter Leadership:
    • President: Jon Gettel Clinical Advisor: Aari Ruben
    • Vice-President: Tom M Social Media Coordinator:
    • Treasurer: Aaron Outreach Coordinator: Daron
    • Secretary: Jon G Advisor & Honorary Chair: Robert Clark
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    • Bringing in business partnerships & donations: Thank you Daron!
  • Events: (Critical part of AZ4NORML’s community outreach)
  • Sat Sep 29th: [PAST] Tucson Pride 2018
  • Sat Oct 20th: Nam to Sand Jam @ Reid Park ** Application approved
  • Sat Nov 10th : AZ4NORML October Meeting @ 3PM
  • 2019: Late January: Early bird tickets soon: Gem and Jam 2019

** Any Events, concerts, or Festivals you would like us to attend let us know!

  • Discussion and Questions:
    • Trump Administration Secret war on Marijuana hasn’t materialized.
      • Rep. Rohrabacher says Trump will end cannabis prohibition after the midterms.

News & Information:

  • Mikel Weisser and NORML of Arizona publish a candidate guide, there are many good cannabis candidates to vote for in the next election.
  • Facebook will stop blocking marijuana search results due to upcoming Canadian legalization
  • High-end retailer MedMen buys PharmaCann for $682m, they will be the largest MJ Company with licenses in 12 states operatubg 79 facilities.
  • Doctors in Britain will be able to legally prescribe MMJ on Nov 1, after to young epileptic MMJ patients put pressure on the government.
  • A Vietnam Veteran, Capt. Henry Cobbs, 77 was fired from the Air Force Special Operations School where he was dean of academics for using CBD to treat cancer.
  • Missouri has 3 medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot this year.
    • North Dakota and Utah will also be voting on MMJ
  • Montana’s Blackfeet Nation has voted to decriminalize marijuana possession for its 17000 members on tribal land.
  • MJ Freeway and MTech Acquisition are merging, creating a new company called Pubco.
  • Oct. 26th: Medical Marijuana will be legal in Oklahoma
  • Nevada tax revenue zooms past projections – $55m since July 2017