az4norml-leaf AZ4NORML Monthly General Meeting

Saturday, August 11th, 2018 3PM – 4:20PM

Meeting called: President: Jon Gettel

Attendees: Welcome, Please sign-in!

  • Mission Statement: AZ4NORML works to educate the community about the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of responsible adult use, and the value of industrial hemp.
  • Chapter Leadership:
    • President: Jon Gettel Clinical Advisor: Aari Ruben
    • Vice-President: Tom M Social Media Coordinator:
    • Treasurer: Aaron Outreach Coordinator: Daron
    • Secretary: Jon G Advisor & Honorary Chair: Robert Clark
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  • Events: (Critical part of AZ4NORML’s community outreach)
  • Sat Aug 11th: AZ4NORML July Meeting @ 3PM
  • Sat Sep 29th: Tucson Pride 2018 @ Reid Park *Booth Confirmed
  • Sat Oct 20th: Nam to Sand Jam @ Reid Park ** Application still needed
  • 2019: Late January: Early bird tickets soon

** Any Events, concerts, or Festivals you would like us to attend let us know!

  • Discussion and Questions:
    • Marijuana vs. Cannabis: What’s the difference?
    • Who has the most influence on the mass incarceration problem?
      • Private prisons? Prosecutors? Judges? Cops?
        • October 09 – Voter registration deadline

News & Information:

  • Arizona AG Mark Brnovich says MMJ monies collected can be used for drug treatment if approved by ¾ of each legislative chamber.
    • AG Brnovich is up for re-election this year
  • Arizona has the 3rd most MMJ patients in the country, 2.54%, Maine has 3.9% and Michigan has 2.7%
  • AZ Regulators are investigation working conditions and a chemical spill at the largest MMJ grow in AZ. The chemical spill sent 16 people to the hospital. 5 gallons of an acid cleaner was spilled and washed down the drain which could be a violation, Copperstate farms denies the drain leads to the sewer, they may have to prove it.
  • MMJ dispensary owners in Glendale, AZ are the largest donors to candidates running for the Glendale City Council, donations came after a vote to loosen restrictions to allow Arizona Organix to expand.
  • US Attorney in AZ says that undocumented marijuana backpackers arrested in Southern AZ will be charged with crossing the border illegally and possession of marijuana. Several hundred people are arrested evey year most hauling the MJ in exchange for their smuggling fees. 6 months in prison before the change, 6 months after prison now. All are resolved via plea agreement due to the large volume of cases.
  • AZ Border Patrol agents captured 174lbs of MJ from the trunk of a car at the I-19 checkpoint North of Tubac.