az4norml-leaf AZ4NORML Monthly General Meeting

Saturday, June 08th , 2019 3PM – 4:20PM

Meeting called: President: Jon Gettel (Tom Maza pro tem)

Attendees: Welcome, Please sign-in!

  • Mission Statement: AZ4NORML works to educate the community about the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of responsible adult use, and the value of industrial hemp.
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    • President: Tom Maza, pro tem
    •  Clinical Advisor: Aari Ruben
    • Vice-President: NEEDED
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    • Treasurer: Tom Maza
    • Outreach Coordinator: NEEDED
    • Secretary: Aaron
    • Event Coordinator: Ashley/Tirso
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  • Swap Meet Friday July 12th 2019 4pm-10pm – Retail liquidation and tag sale. Donate your unwanted household goods; proceeds to fund signature campaign and fall activities. swap meet donations can be brought to the event, dropped to Tom beforehand (email to arrange)
    donations to AZ4NORML are tax deductible.
  • Books and DVDs – Jon’s library is for sale. Price list coming soon.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mike Robinette AZNORML Update
  • Michael Weisser AZ4NORML

News & Information:

Arizona Cannabis News Reported By Mikel Weisser

Arizona, Doug Ducey signed into law a change to the medical marijuana program adding testing. The new regulations will take effect November 1st, 2020.

Starting November 1, 2020, ALL medical marijuana products sold to AMMA patients must be tested for health and safety. Contamination from mold, mildew, heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents will all be regulated in keeping with common state MJ testing standards.

In addition, the bill will also extend medical marijuana cards from one to two years and return some future dispensary licenses to the rural parts of the state.


Hemp news AZDA Industrial Hemp Program manager Brian McGrew explained the early application process, which was announced earlier in the month. McGrew encouraged potential hemp farmers to act now, especially if they haven’t completed their DPS fingerprint clearance process.


World Marijuana News Reported by Dan Kingston

According to a new study published in the journal Addiction, drivers in Canada who tested positive for THC do not cause a significant increased risk of being responsible for non-fatal car accidents.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Pro (ASPCA Pro) said that Dogs are approximately 10-times more sensitive to THC than humans, Healthy Pets reports. This is because dogs have many more cannabinoid receptors than humans. Cannabidiol (CBD) is still assumed safe for pets by many vets, however, dogs are highly sensitive to cannabinoids, so micro-dosing is typically recommended.


Hound Labs, a leader in breath diagnostics, announced results of its second clinical trial in which researchers measured THC in breath. Results from this study confirm – for the first time in a clinical trial – that THC is present in breath for two to three hours after smoking, which is the same duration as peak impairment according to government studies