Jan 2016

az4norml-leaf AZ4NORML Saturday General Meeting

Saturday, January 9th 3PM – 4:20PM

Meeting called: President: Jon Gettel and Vice President: Brittany

Secretary: Manny and Treasurer: Kathy

Attendees: Welcome!!! Please sign-in!!

  • Mission Statement: AZ4NORML works to educate the community about the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of responsible adult use, and the value of industrial hemp.
  • Chapter Leadership:
    • President: Jon Gettel Clinical Advisor: Aari Ruben
    • Vice-President: Brittany Social Media Coordinator: Brittany
    • Treasurer: Kathy Event Coordinator: Tom M.
    • Secretary: Manny Volunteer Coordinator: Robert Clark
  • Events: (Critical part of AZ4NORML’s community outreach)
    • [PAST] Fri-Sun Dec 11th-13th: Winter Street Fair on 4th Ave.
    • Mon Jan 11th: 3rd End Cannabis & Hemp Prohibition Demonstration @ PHX
    • Jan 12th: Jon Speaks @ Scleroderma Support Group Meeting 1PM
    • Jan 23: Tucson Psychedelic Society 1st meeting
    • Feb 2-4: CHAMPS Trade Show, Las Vegas
    • Feb 12-14th, 2016: Gem and Jam Festival
    • Feb 27th: Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival
    • April 20th: Discuss 420 plans!!!!!!
    • April 14th– 24th: Pima County Fair- Should we get a booth???
    • April 27 – May 01: Arizona Regional Burn: Saguaro Man- Snowflake, AZ
    • May TBD: KFMA Day 2016
    • Nov 3-6th: Nat’l Harm Reduction Conf: San Diego. Scholarship by 04/01
    • Any Concerts, Festivals, Events – Please let us know!



    • CA Narcotics Cop Busted With 247 of Marijuana in Pennsylvania
    • British Police Promise To Not Prosecute Smokers Or Growers Marijuana
    • Oregon’s 25% Recreational Marijuana Tax Begins in 2016
    • Washington Marijuana Prices Decrease by Over 50%
    • NCAA Easing Marijuana Use Penalties for College Athletes
    • Pittsburgh to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession
    • Florida Supreme Court Approves Medical Marijuana Petitions
    • Man Argues DC Pot Laws Make Brownie Business Legal
    • Judge Rules: Pot Credit Union Can’t Access Nation’s Banking System
    • Medical Marijuana Sales Illinois surpass $1 Million in 2 months
    • $1 Billion Taxes Predicted from California Marijuana Legalization
    • New York MMJ Program up and running, restrictive
    • Tucson City Council is Proposing Changes For Dispensaries
    • US Judge denies lawsuit to create a Colorado MJ Credit Union
    • USPS warns Oregon MJ business that it’s a felony to mail MJ advertising
    • Delaware decriminalizes MJ, 1oz = $100 fine
    • Aari Ruben: AZDHS failing to allow new conditions despite law
    • CARERS Act: Please support and sign online petitions, call Congress!
  • Updates and Speakers
    • Trevor SSDP: Congratulations on your new position!
    • Mikel Weisser: Arizona NORML Update and News
    • #AZFMR: Campaign update- Offering $10 for 15 signatures!
    • Merchandise: Please watch for sellable MJ gear, necklaces, hats etc
    • Bob: Update on Legalization 2016, Safer Arizona and Court/Trial Support
    • Probationer community service options – adding AZ4NORML
  • Announcements:
    • Thank you to the 420 Social Club!!!!!!!!
    • Facebook & News page: Thanks Brittany and all of our supporters!
  • Members/Patients’ Recommendations:
      • Dispensaries: Desert Bloom, 8060 E. 22nd St, #108
      • Doctors: Medical Marijuana Recommendations
        • Tumbleweeds Health Center 520-838-4430
      • Caregivers: Personal Caregivers & Delivery available