September 2016

az4norml-leaf AZ4NORML Monthly General Meeting

Saturday, September 10th 3PM – 4:20PM

Meeting called: President: Jon Gettel and Vice President: Brittany

Secretary: Eric and Treasurer: Aaron

Attendees: Welcome!!! Please sign-in!!

  • Mission Statement: AZ4NORML works to educate the community about the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of responsible adult use, and the value of industrial hemp.
  • Chapter Leadership:
    • President: Jon Gettel Clinical Advisor: Aari Ruben
    • Vice-President: Brittany Social Media Coordinator: Brittany
    • Treasurer: Aaron Event Coordinator: Tom M.
    • Secretary: Eric Advisor & Honorary Chair: Robert Clark


  • Announcements: Community Announcements:
    • AZ4NORML & TPS
    • Facebook page: Thanks Brittany and all of our supporters!
    • Big thank you to the Duepree Family Foundation for their grant & support.


  • Events: (Critical part of AZ4NORML’s community outreach)
    • Every Wednesday: Tumbleweed’s radio show, Weedsday Wednesday!
    • Tue, Sept 20th: Mushrooms are medicine outreach @ UofA
    • Sat Sept 24th: Tucson Psychedelic Society Meeting @3pm
    • Sat Oct 1st: Pride in the Desert
    • Sat Oct 8th: AZ4NORML Meeting ** CANCELLED **
    • Sat Oct 8th: Nam Jam
    • Mon Oct 10th: Arizona Voter Registration Deadline
    • Sat Sun 15th-16th: Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo
    • Sun Oct 16th: KFMA Fall Ball Feat Weezer, Panic! At the Disco, and Iration
    • Sun Oct 16th: Blues Festival ** CANCELLED **
    • Nov 3-6: 11th National Harm Reduction Conference, San Diego, CA
    • Tue Nov 8th: Election Day!
    • Any Concerts, Festivals, Events – Rialto Theatre, Volunteers needed


    • Australia to Legalize Medical Marijuana Nationwide in Nov
    • Ireland Mulls New Cannabis Regulations, Formal Medical Use
    • Bill’s Tackle Appealing NFL’s 4- Game Suspension
    • NM Pot Pilfering Cop Caught Stealing Weed by Personal Body Camera
    • OR Hemp Cultivators are High on the CBD Craze
    • Federal Medical Marijuana Protections Expire this Month
    • Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Lives, Busted with 2 Million in Marijuana
    • US Court Upholds Ban on Gun Sales to Marijuana Card Holders
    • San Francisco’s Private Cannabis Lounge
    • Humboldt County Approves First Commercial Cannabis Farms
    • 5 states to vote on legalization ME, MA, AZ, CA; NV only w/o court challenge
    • Corrupt politicians in Michigan derail citizen supported legalization
    • More than 71% of Californians ready for legal adult use, Prop 64
    • New CDC MJ study shows fewer kids using MJ, fewer saying easily available
    • 9th court of appeals rules state-approved MMJ patients: no 2nd amendment
    • DOJ denounces monetary bail for indigent defendants, bail reform necessary
    • PCSD Captain’s Son had Drugs Shipped to his Dad’s House; Facing Charges
    • Nearly $3 Million Worth of Marijuana Plants Destroyed in Eastern AZ
    • Gov Ducey: A State Battling Opiate Abuse Shouldn’t Legalize Marijuana
    • Scottsdale Germinates $1 Million Dispensary
    • A Pharmaceutical Company Donates $500,000 to Anti CRMLA
    • New AZ poll: 50% favor, 40% oppose, 10% undecided : Prop 205
  • Information & Projects:
    • Mikel Weisser: Information from the Capitol and Prop 205 news
    • Aari Ruben: Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center: News & more
    • Bob: Update on Legalization 2016, Safer Arizona and Court/Trial Support
  • Activism:
  • Members/Patients’ Recommendations:
      • Dispensaries: Desert Bloom, 8060 E. 22nd St, #108
      • Recommendations: Tumbleweeds, Dr. Moroso, Dr. 420