Medical Marijuana for Lupus

Medical Marijuana For Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where our body produces antibodies that attack healthy tissues. This leads to inflammation in our joints, kidneys, skin, blood cells, heart, lungs, and even the brain.

It is caused due to hyperactivity of our immune system as a result of which healthy tissues are mistaken for harmful bacteria, viruses and foreign invaders in the body. Most people develop the disease between the ages of 15-44. Almost 1.5 million Americans, and at least five million people worldwide, have a form of lupus.

Cannabis has received a lot of attention for the last two decades or so because of it’s therapeutic and health benefits owing to two of its major compounds, THC and CBD.

Why Can CBD Be Considered As An Effective Treatment For Lupus?

Most researchers believe that cannabis can be used effectively to treat Lupus.

1. Anti-Inflammation

Cannabis is known to be anti-inflammatory which can help to suppress the inflammation caused by Lupus. Specifically, cannabis lowers levels of interleukin-2 which is a proinflammatory cytokine and simultaneously raises interleukin-19 which is an anti-inflammatory protein.

2. Immunosuppressant

Another important property of cannabis is that it tends to work as an immunosuppressant, meaning it helps to slow down or suppress a hyperactive immune system.

3. Natural Treatment

Certain prescription drugs like opioids and painkillers are also known to cause what is known as drug-induced lupus. The overall anti-inflammatory impact of CBD makes it a top cannabinoid for a safe, natural and effective treatment without any side effects.

4. Helps Alleviate Lupus Symptoms

Cannabis is known to relieve pain and inflammation and these are two of the biggest issues people with lupus suffer from. Sativa marijuana strains can specifically be used to provide energy to counteract the lack of energy caused by lupus. Other symptoms such as headaches can be treated with strains like Bruce Banner.

Ways To Consume Cannabis For Lupus

The key to treating lupus with cannabis is high levels of CBD found in marijuana strains, topicals and various edibles that can be ingested orally. Capsules seem to be the most convenient but can be difficult to locate.

Here are a few ways to consume marijuana for lupus:

1. Smoking

Even the jacksonville marijuana doctors agree that the most immediate effect of cannabis can be seen by smoking it. However, there is always the risk of burning cannabis which can release harmful by-products that can be harmful to your body.

2. Vapourizing

Cannabis vaporizer can also be used for consumption of medical marijuana and its effect are as immediate as directly smoking it. However, the same problem persists as the weed can get overheated resulting in the release of harmful compounds and toxins.

3. Edibles

If you’re looking for a lasting relief, edibles are a good option. Cannabis edibles are widely available in the market and are being used as a supplement as well as a snack bars. It takes a longer time to kick in but the effect usually lasts longer as compared to smoking or vaporizers.

4. Topicals

Cannabis topicals are the safest and the most effective form of cannabis use. Topicals include lotions, balms, salves and oils made from cannabis seeds for direct application. This lets you target the particular area where you feel the pain or experience swelling leading to a more effective treatment option.

Smoking and Vapourising marijuana can result in a feeling of high as THC is being ingested simultaneously with CBD. However, edibles and topicals endure that you’re consuming only CBD which is actually needed for lupus treatment.

Potential Side Effects

While other medications for lupus has shown significant side effects, the side effects involved with the use of marijuana is negligible. Moreover, it is shown to fade away once the effect of marijuana subsides.

Some of the effects associated with medical marijuana use include:

1. Drowsiness
2. Euphoria
3. Increases Appetite

These effects are ignorable and are actually desired by some patients. For example feeling drowsy or sleepy with cannabis use ensures that the patient gets proper rest and can sleep through the pain caused by lupus. However, medical use of cannabis for lupus requires it to pass the qualifying condition which varies from state to state. Lupus is currently a qualifying condition for medical marijuana 3 US States.

Cannabis could be a potential cure for lupus. Clinical trials and extensive research is being carried out for the same.

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